My Light


Every now and again, the stars align and you get the opportunity to experience a genuine energy in the form of a human. If you’re lucky you’re able to soak up some of their energy and create memorable moments.

I use the word experience, because it seems as if these encounters are becoming few and far between in this world.

Just recently, I got the opportunity to experience the ARTist that is P.A.T. 

I had the pleasure of meeting P.A.T. after he won a rap battle in Deep Ellum hosted by The Annata Project’s partner company Missing Entertainment. Pat beat out 10 other heavily talented rappers including the incredible E.L.E. It is no argument that Pat is an amazing Emcee with bars for days that evoke thought, but what brought you here is the constant light that he shines.

His light brought you here. 

There is not a dull moment around P.A.T., his personality shines so bright, it was only right that we get his take on what “Light” means as his is superbly illuminating. 

The amazing thing about ARTist is that, we are blessed with the ability to create feeling with our gift. When you’re privileged to experience his gift, embrace it. 

Light is good for your soul.

P.A.T. is currently working on his first mixtape since college, self titled, P.A.T. If you’re wondering, P.A.T. is an acronym for Patiently Anticipating Triumph. Those two words paired together are interesting to me because I identify patience as a waiting period, or a period of toleration. To anticipate something is to expect it or to ultimately predict the outcome. How does one act when they know they will be triumphant but have to wait? What do you do in your waiting? 

You continue to illuminate, because light is the removal of darkness.

Thank you P.A.T. for always creating bright moments in your music, your life, and in the lives of others.

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FB: Patrick KingMe Mason 

IG: MrCompletePackage 

TW: MrKillYoSelf  


Written by: Aja Monroe, Founder of The Annata Project, Inc.

Photo Retouched by: Annata Shooters